Spring Program Policy Update

Updated Thursday February 16, 2017 by Kanata Little League.

The KLLBA executive passed a set of policies which apply to the Spring House League program.  The intention is to improve the quality of play at all house league levels by providing age divisions that are tiered into approipriate skill divisions, while at the same time promoting development through affiliation.  

This policy formalizes the following aspects of the house league:

  1. Age divisions and field sizes for all programs.
  2. Tiering into A and B for Rookie, Minor, Major and Junior.
  3. Affiliation program for TeeBall, Rookie, Minor and Major.
  4. Play Up and Play Down restrictions.

An important part of this policy is that playing up in a higher division above their age is restricted.  

The objective is to have kids play together in their age group, the same group they will continue to play with in the years to come. No play up requests are being granted by this league policy.  Instead what we offer the most proficient players is the affiliation program.  The top few kids on every team will be affiliated to the higher level.  This gives them the best of both worlds, to play in their age group with that experience of being the best, while at the same time developing and playing some games at the next highest level and being invited to clinics at the higher level.

This is the same model as the school system where there was time where the strongest kids academically would skip a grade to the next year.  This turned out to be detrimental in other ways, so the schools now have enriched and gifted classes to accomodate those exceptional kids.  Same in sports, kids are better off playing in their division and then through affiliation giving an enriched experience.  

Players must attend Spring Sort Outs. If there are scheduling issues, please contact your age group convenor and arrange an alternative evaluation. The purpose of Sort Outs is to assess players capabilities in order to arrange them onto properly balanced teams at the skill level of the players age division. Failure to sort out will result in the player being assigned to the lower skill tier of their age division.

See the attached document for the formally approved policy.