Police Checks

Updated Friday February 24, 2017 by Kanata Baseball Association.

Those who have not dropped off their Police Checks will be required to produce one before assuming their volunteer position. 

Your name may not appear on a Team Roster without a Police Check.

Please follow the steps below to get a Police Records Check from the Ottawa Police:

  1. Fill out and print the Police Records Check Form
  2. Enter your name and print the KBA Police Check Letter (below)
  3. Ensure that you have the necessary photo ID listed on the form
  4. Take the Form, Letter and required ID to the Police detachment at: 211 Huntmar Drive open 7am-9pm on weekdays
  5. Once you have received the stamped and signed copy of the Police Records Check in the mail, send to KBA by either:
    1. Sending a copy in the mail to:
      Box P.O. Box 24056
      Hazeldean RPO
      Kanata, ON K2M 2C3; or
    2. Scan and upload to your League Toolbox account
      1) login to League website (green button at the top)
      2) enter your account (blue button at the top with your name)
      3) click on My Registrations (blue botton on the left)
      4) on your Coach Registration click Documents (blue button on right)
      5) upload document (green button); or
    3. Scan and email to vpadm@kllba.ca

Your police record belongs to you, we only need a copy.  If you have one from Hockey or another youth organization you can use that police records check.  You should keep your origional police check.

If you have any issues with any of the above, please contact safety@kllba.ca

Questions / Comments Email : safety@kllba.ca


Police Check Letter from KBA